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Hetman lubricants are a long time essentials for musicians in all levels. They are not just giving a better performance to your instruments, but also protect the indispensable components.

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J. Meinlschmidt

JM lubricants provide the perfect functioning and care on your instrument while at the same time inspire you the sensitive feeling for the finest nuances of your instrument.

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Resilience Oils

True synthetic lubricants made in US, specifically formulated lubricants for preventing oxidation of metals, long lasting, and not gelling up your brass instruments over time.

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Gonzalez Reeds

Remarkable reeds for both Classical and Jazz players

Gonzalez reeds are grown and made at the foot of Andes Mountain Range in Argentina. The latitude, the weather, the soil... all combined and provided a perfect place for producing a perfect reed, a reed that is robust and dense, with high consistency, long lasting, complex sound, deep nuances and unique personality. It is the hottest brand among classical and jazz players.

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Marcus Bonna Cases

One of the Best instrument case brand in the world


Marcus Bonna cases are completely handmade and outstanding in regard to strength, compact size and lightweight. Stylish appearance you could always choose your own material and colour combination of the cover.
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Paxman Horns

England's Finest French Horns

Famous for its high quality and innovative design, Paxman horn is the world's top tier French Horn that serves thousands of professional around the world. 

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Woodwind & Brass Instruments

Fine Craftsmanship from Germany

A German brand providing high quality yet and affordable woodwinds and brass instruments. Full range of instruments from beginner to professional level. Your right choice if you are looking for a reliable and remarkable start up instrument.

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Josef Klier

Brass Instrument Mouthpieces

Distinguished brass mouthpieces made in Germany. Famous for its clear tone and great responsiveness.

Wide range of sizes for rims and bores, shape of cups and materials of the mouthpiece...

you could definitely find the best combination that suits you most! 

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